Now that my terrible Ric Flair impression is over, let's get to the meat of this. Current expectations are that he will arrive in "late March" according to the teams official announcement. That's several games out from now and then he has to gel with the team so the full impact of this signing won't be felt until mid April.

April will also put him about a year out from his achilles injury. A notoriously slow injury to come back from, it once ended careers. Even athletes with world class health care and trainers aren't back to 100% until two years out. At a year, they can play safely and play hard. Realistically though, their performance is 80% of pre injury and improving into year two. Eighty percent of Paul Lasike is still a really good signing. He'll contribute immediately to a strong squad and make depth at Center amazing.

Get those cowbells ready to ring and your throats ready to cheer. Warrior #1 is coming home.

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