Did you see that? I mean, seriously, did you SEE THAT!? I went to the merch tent for a second and I think I missed the only offense from Dallas all night along with at least one Warriors try. The whole game blurred into a single adrenaline fueled rush of scoring.

The Good: That scrum was dominant. It just crushed through Dallas at will. I know officially Dallas won 1 scrum but did they? It seems far more likely to me that the ball came out too quickly for Utah to notch the win.

The lineout improved which is a great sign after Coach Pittman said they had been working on it all week.

A league record 69 points scored.

A record tying 47 point margin of victory.

The Bad: This is all nitpicks. No game is perfect so there can always be something but in the grand scheme of how Utah was performing, these are small. 

Tackling improved but still isn’t quite where I would love to see it. It seemed like the forwards were shrugging off some of our guys. It’s frustrating to see but also there is always going to be serious size discrepancies between players. 

There were two missed conversions dropping the success rate to ~80%. We could have been at 73 points rather than 69 (nice). Can you see my tears? /s

The Ugly: Nope, not even going to make something up for this section. I’m too happy.

Takeaways: That was a get right game if I have ever seen one. The team came back from a brutal road stretch to start the season and successfully regrouped over the bye week. Then they came out and put on a clinic on how to score. A disciplined defense may take longer to get out of position, but when they do every single player on the Warriors could make them pay for it.

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